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Superior Alternative To Wicker Patio Furniture! Plastic!

When it comes to buying furniture for your lawn or an outdoor terrace, a common choice that many people go for is wicker patio furniture. Wicker is the term used to refer to the method of weaving a plant fiber. This method is widely used to make baskets as well as small tables. Since wicker furniture is made of a fiber, it is light weight as well as strong. Therefore, it becomes easy to carry it from one place to another.

Plastic furniture is also common to be used as garden furniture. However, there are several reasons why plastic furniture is preferred over wicker furniture. A few disadvantages of using wicker furniture are listed below:

Wicker furniture uses wooden frames and hence, if placed outside in rain, the wooden frames are subject to rotting.

Since, wicker is made from plant fibers, insects and termites are easily attracted by it.

A prolonged exposure to heat can make the wicker furniture dry while a prolonged exposure to cold can make the furniture brittle.

The better the quality of the woven wicker patio furniture is, the more expensive it is. The reason is that more effort as well as labor is required to weave the fibers into a fine mesh.

Hence, a major problem with wicker patio furniture is that it does not last long outdoors. Humidity, cold weather or sun- in all these cases wicker furniture is damaged. Moreover, it is necessary to clean the furniture on a daily basis if you wish to make it last longer. Plastic patio furniture, on the other hand, has a number of features that wicker furniture does not offer:

Plastic furniture can be designed in a number of ways and is also cheap to buy. Therefore you do not need to worry about your cost when it comes to buying plastic furniture. Even the highest quality of plastic furniture can be bought at an affordable price.

Plastic furniture does not need any wooden framing for it. For example, the entire table can be made of a strong plastic. This makes plastic furniture light weight. You can easily carry it inside if you wish to protect it from rain or a hot weather.

You will be able to find a huge variety of plastic patio furniture in the market. You can get plastic furniture designed in a texture and color that looks like wood or any other metal.

Plastic furniture does not require any maintenance other than dusting. Furniture made of steel is prone to rust while wood can be damaged upon exposure to humidity. You can place the plastic furniture out in the cold weather or in the rain and it would not get damaged like wicker patio furniture.

Hence, in almost every aspect plastic patio furniture is better than wicker patio furniture. Plastic furniture is cheaper, sturdier and at times more elegant than wicker furniture.